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Full Version: transfering OSE licanse to new hp 50G
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Dear hp 50g users,
I am the user of the program package O.S. Extension Pack (OSE) for HP 50G / HP 49G+ till year 2012 on my HP49G+.
It is a good program to make my own equations by using units.
But last days my calculator had keyboard problems and I had to buy another model (this time HP 50G).
The owner of the software49g.gmxhome.de Mr. Andreas had written on his web pages this sentence:
This is commercial software and is only licensed for use by a single user, tied to the calculator's internal serial number, but if you have to replace your calculator, a means is provided for transferring the license to the new calculator.
So I asked from him by mail the “means”, for transferring the licence… but he answered me:
Considering the low price and the fact that the software is tied to the calculator an exchange is not possible.
Please do not blame me for a defective HP product.
so rejected my demand.
I couldn’t pay him to get a new licence because there is only PayPal System on his web page and it is not workable in my country anymore. He didn't answer my later mails on this topic.
Is there anybody help me for using the previously purchased OSE software on my new hp 50G?
Thanks in advance.
Sinan Oz
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