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Full Version: Crash with date setting in Home Settings
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I encountered the following crash when activating the calendar widget on the Home Settings screen of my physical Prime (2018-02-12 13441):

1. Go to Page 2 of Home Settings and select the date field
2. Type something like “2018/01/01” and press ENTER. The field now displays “----/--/--”
3. Tap the calendar icon next to the field. The system reboots.

By the way, it's quite counterintuitive that the date field doesn't accept input typed in the very format it displays. It turns out that it wants YYYY.MMDD, but there's no obvious indication in the UI of this fact.
Quite clear that the system does not like this kind of entry as the system requires something like 2018.0101. Nevertheless it should not crash. But, perhaps you should tell us the version you are working on.
Yes, I mentioned discovering that in the OP, but I hadn't touched the Prime in quite a while and had forgotten that it used that format in other places in the system. But unless I overlooked it, the input form itself nonetheless doesn't indicate what the format should be, instead displaying something completely different from the input that it actually expects.

I actually did mention the version already in the first paragraph of the OP, in parentheses (though maybe I should have said that was the version number).
Ah, I see that I overlooked your version.
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