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Full Version: HP Calculators July 1978 Scans of UK Advertising, Invoice, Price Lists ...
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I still have all the original material from when I bought my 29C in 1978. I had spent years looking for a good calculator of my own, desperately wanting my own programmable one, but not one that forgot the program when you switched off! I used to make a lot of use of a large, clunky (Compucorp I think) calculator about the size of a typewriter which had a large incandescent digit display, but this had to be re-programmed every day as it was locked away at night! It had unreliable keystrokes so getting a program in involved a lot of keystroke re-entry. Hence the leaflets about the HP55 etc which came out in 1975, while I avidly watched calculator tech improving fast, and costs coming down.

After lusting for an HP for a couple of years, the perfect calculator came out, and I managed to save up the huge cost to me at that time! Looks like I paid £118.75 on 20 Sept 1978; £1 was $1.9793 on that day, = $235 in US money!

As a young engineer I earned £231.08 that month, after income tax had been deducted, so this calculator cost me 1/24 of my annual income! But it's been worth every penny, and is still worth a few hundred dollars!

Enough rambling, here's a Dropbox link which I hope will get you into my folder wih all my HP material in.


Plz msg here if this link works ok.

There's the HP 29C Service Manual at 44 MBytes, plus the following items:

HP Calculators Price List July 1978 UK
HP Calculator Accessories Price List July 1978 UK
HP 29C Invoice UK for my actual purchase & delivery, serial number noted.
HP Retailer Business Card, Leicester, UK. High up in a central Tower Block I recall.
HP 19C & 29C Solutions Book Ordering Form
HP 29C etc Accessories Leaflet; are these locking cradle & battery pack Woodstock generic?
HP 19C & 29C Sales Brochure Erratum Slip - clarifies GTO i & GSB i when R0 is -ve!
HP 29C Battery Warning Leaflet
HP 29C Warranty Envelope (I didn't bother! Trusted it implicitly based on HP quality reputation).
HP 31E, 32E, 33E 16-sided Sales Leaflet
HP 55 2-sided Sales Leaflet

Hope this is of interest to someone somewhere!
Hello Andy, just to confirm that your link is OK.

Thanks once more!
Works fine in USA as well.

THANK YOU Andy, for sharing these vintage documents, it's very generous of you!
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