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Full Version: How long is your to-do list ? Could you share some items from it?
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Expanding on this posts of Valentin http://www.hpmuseum.org/forum/thread-104...l#pid95781

He has a to-do list 18 pages long ( I assume a4 pages). I am a bit less effective. I have 5 a5 notebooks (about 80 pages each) and I'm pretty sure many todos are duplicated. Of course I would value not "who has more todos" rather who has the highest "done" value (were the value is subjective). As not every to-do has the same utility for different perspectives.

I for one can say that I didn't yet complete enough todos , at least not enough as I would have liked .

Anyway it is perhaps more interesting to know what are your interesting (for you) todos.

On top of my head, I may add some others later, I can list:

- find and organize useful rpl snippets of create those going through the forum discussion or the articles/ books / manuals related to calculators. Then share them on the wiki4hp or hpcalc
- the same as above but ported to newrpl
- the same as above but for files and documents and share them via torrent
- refresh math concepts in "applied form" (that is, with a calculator) covering the topics from school to at least a master course in engineering. Although I guess mechanical and electrical engineering are excluded as they need quite some advanced math compared to other branches . At least for what I saw in my uni (using a lot of complex functions to solve problems in the real domain. Laplace and Fourier transforms are ok, what is a lot is complex analysis)
- read plenty of books and articles (see my Goodreads profile or Google scholar library). Each read is a to-do.
- collect evaluations about my days on the 50g. A bit a la Benjamin Franklin with his 13 habits.
- write my thoughts in an organized way (on paper)
- of course: collecting data to improve my planning -> plan do check act.
- improve my language skills
- and plenty more that I may never complete. Sigh.
My first couple of items once my shoulder has healed and I can do something two handed are:

* Clean up a classic and install a multi-calc board.
* Clean up a Woodstock and install a Woodstock Low Power board (if I can find it).
* I've several card readers to repair (65, 67 and 97).

Of course, I've got to have some free time as well....

Let's see:

my pedagogy list - mystically expanding & contracting w/ my perceived amount of time available
my praxis list - confused & perplexed in ever morphing queues, shuffles, sorts, etc.

(isn't retirement great)

(04-20-2018 11:38 AM)SlideRule Wrote: [ -> ]my praxis list - confused & perplexed in ever morphing queues, shuffles, sorts, etc.

Can you expand on this?
Items are not in any particular order:
1. NQ41, add continuous memory, input from stdin, implement program cabability, refactor+cleanup, place on GitHub, cross platform build system (Mesonbuild.com looks interesting)
2. Repair 2 HP-25s
3. Repair 2 HP-41s
4. Repair HP-67 Card reader, the back label is in pristine shape so I am reluctant to peel the corners back.
5. Sell HP-97 (card reader and printer need repair), above HP-25s and HP-41s, various HP 41 modules, 83143a printer and other HP miscellany. (This is not an offer to sell as this is not the classified section - send PM if you have questions)
6. Port Sunrise/Sunset/Azimuth program from 41 to DM42 and add use of time functions.
7. Repair 9815 printer as tape drive works, or sell.
8. Build a Desktop calculator based on NQ41 using 14 segment LEDs or OLED display (Eric Smith's suggestion)



( not necessarily in this order) Smile
(04-21-2018 02:59 AM)Jlouis Wrote: [ -> ]Eat



( not necessarily in this order) Smile

So do you make the list and check it off daily? Smile
I missed the item about going to Canada next week.

Geoff are you in town?

(04-20-2018 06:55 AM)pier4r Wrote: [ -> ]How long is your to-do list ?

The length must be close to infinity now and it keeps growing. Trying to put it on paper would be futile. Life moves a lot faster than I can work off the items on the list...

(04-20-2018 06:55 AM)pier4r Wrote: [ -> ]Could you share some items from it?

Since many years all I do is compile a (mental) to do list for the day and hope to get 2/3 of it done before the day is over. I consider that as a great success...

The list for today looks like this:
- A friend asked me if I could look after her horse today. I said yes so this needs to be done, no excuses. Drive to the farm, clean the stable and the horse, go riding for an hour.
- Process a bunch of photos I took yesterday of an aeroplane my company is interested in. Photoshop is already batch processing them in the background but I will have to adjust each of them individually. This also needs to be done because tomorrow (Sunday) I will meet with our maintenance guys to compile a dossier on that plane for my employer.
- Go shopping for food. This obviously needs to be done as well.
- Cook something for our evening meal. (My wife hates cooking even more than I do so again, it needs to be done...)
- Have a look at those NodeMCU boards with integrated OLED displays I received from China this week. (https://www.ebay.de/itm/ESP8266-0-91-inc...Swjp5ayzNs) See if I can find the necessary driver for my Arduino software to get it programmed. Incredibly powerful little board, lots of memory, wifi and even a display...
- Have a look at that intermittently working HP-27S I got in the mail from the States. I bought it as defective for a reasonable price and it is not completely dead. Low priority though, I am not really interested in LCD calculators. And for my collection it does not matter a lot if it works or not. I am not going to do anything with it anyway.
- Have a look at half a dozen other calculators I received in the mail this week, 5 of them are 1970ies LED and VFD models. More to my taste, even without an "HP" logo.
- Watch some of the stuff our hard disk recorder has recorded during the week.
When it comes to calculators

1. Install 2x Woodstock LP
2a. Repair HP19C Power supply or transfer printer unit to HP10, when not possible. Look for new oscilloscope for that purpose.
2b. If 2 succeeds, repair HP10 printer unit.
3. Remove AC Power supply out of an HP-46 and install LiIon battery supply instead and create my biggest "pocket" calculator ever.
4. Order PANAMATIC HP01 repair kit or let him repair HP01
5. Install V5 41CL board
6. Build RPN arduino calc from recent forum post
7. Update Harald's multi calc PCB and install it into one HP45
8. Build some new classic woodstock HP19C H97 battery packs with LSD cells
9. Wait for 41CL's timer clone
10. Buy second numworks calculator, add additional serial memory, install development environment and play around with it. Maybe start minimal RPN project for it.
11. Build some WP34S on HP-30B base and two WP31S on HP-20B base.
12. Look for 3D printer and start with battery enclosement of ELEKTRONIKA B3-34.
13. Buy one of Harald's VFD calc pcb, when it is available and build it.

I feel that is enough until my job retirement in 2038 ;-). Or simply look and see. One idea to read HP-81 ROMs and integrate it into multi calc pcb or teenix's calc has been already done by them....
Personal to-do list:

Too chaotic at the moment.

Free42 To-Do List:

(None of these are firm commitments. I have learned not to feel guilty about simply dropping items from my to-do list, if it feels like the result is not worth the effort.)

Mac (maybe others as well): GIF sequence numbering does not reset when you change the file name

Print-to-GIF: more proactive flushing; flush when max height is reached, and flush when you know nothing more can fit, i.e. when height + 9 < max_height.
Also, reduce lower bound on max_gif_height to 16, or if you can handle printing across file breaks without a stupid amount of effort, reduce the lower bound all the way to 1.

Complex SQRT: see http://www.hpmuseum.org/forum/thread-10440.html

More accurate dot product: see http://www.hpmuseum.org/forum/thread-10440.html

SOLVE not robust:
Solve with starting values 0 and 100; returns 50 (dec or bin makes no difference). The fact that Γ(0) is undefined is obviously a problem, but the real 42S still manages to find the solution, albeit slowly.

Unlimited RTN stack (with option to turn off?) And if we're going that way, how about LOCAL, a declaration of a variable in a stacked space, using dynamic scoping.

iPhone X support https://developer.apple.com/ios/update-a...-iphone-x/

Windows Alt-Tab

Program pasting: better line number handling? And other Program Paste issues: http://www.hpmuseum.org/forum/thread-103...l#pid93426
Puppet I have it too. A raspi as puppet master other nodes with puppet apply with a git synch.
One item on my permanent to-do list is: Complete my HP calculator collection.

This afternoon I got one step closer to that goal by winning the auction for an HP-91, a model offered only once every 5 years or so on eBay in Europe. Looking forward to finding it in the mail...

From my other to-do list items for this weekend I managed to complete about 3/4. The HP-27S is still working only intermittently so I will have to open it and look inside. Or just put it in a shoe box next to it's siblings and forget about it. Don't know yet what to do, next week is going to be busy at work and next weekend other duties wait for my attention. But winning that HP-91 auction for less than 91 Euros (I still only bid a maximum of the model number in Euros on calculator auctions) is really, really cool. Makes my day!
(04-22-2018 08:16 PM)Maximilian Hohmann Wrote: [ -> ]But winning that HP-91 auction for less than 91 Euros (I still only bid a maximum of the model number in Euros on calculator auctions) is really, really cool. Makes my day!

I hope you will find other ways to get a HP-01... ;)
I gave up on TODO lists when I realised that they sprouted like mushrooms. However, some of the things on my "nice to learn" list(s) include 8 languages to conversation ability (like yeah, right), learn far more of the HP50G capabilities, get a Prime (dunno what for really, I don't need it), get a TI (preferably a later model 89 or a 92 plus), and upgrade my computer to something released within a year of my upgrade.

My actual "computing todo" list includes:
  • getting minecrafty (a front end for launching Minecraft) to work even better than it does, perhaps even using a GUI instead of running purely from a commandline
  • do the same for rfcshow, a bash script that does what it says on the tin
  • make minecrafty self-updating
  • upgrading Grocery (a fx-9750-series grocery tallying program) to a point where I'm happy with it.
  • converting same to UserRPL or even SysRPL

That's just a sample of what's going on here.

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