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Full Version: MIB/NIB 33s & 35s and batteries
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Hi all.

At least a year and a few months ago, I bought a 35s from hp.com and a 33s from an auction site.

To this day, neither box has been opened. Should I open them so as to remove the batteries in the calc? Forgive my memory as I've forgotten how the two I use were originally packaged, if there were batteries already installed or not. Please advise as I wish to prevent battery leakage should there be batteries installed in the NIB/MIB 33s and 35s I've not opened.

They have batteries installed in package
(04-12-2014 03:04 AM)hewlpac Wrote: [ -> ]They have batteries installed in package

So, since I've not opened the packaging, you're saying I should break the seal and take the batteries out of the calcs, right?
I just purchased a 35s NIB from TAS. The batteries are not installed in the calculator. They are included inside of the packaging.
Ah! Thanks for the clarification. Much appreciated.
(04-07-2014 10:50 PM)Matt Agajanian Wrote: [ -> ]Please advise as I wish to prevent battery leakage should there be batteries installed in the NIB/MIB 33s and 35s I've not opened.

I'm not sure what MIB means..."mint"???

It's unlikely that enough people will ever care about about those models for it to make any difference what you do with them. The same goes even for useful models like the HP 48SX and GX...the market is flooded, and their 50G replacement is very inexpensive brand new and a far more capable machine. Few will ever care about the 48-series because of their commonality and limitations.

Now, if the machine is a highly-desired gem, like a HP 42S, then there's a decision to be made. The short-life alkaline batteries that HP installed in the Pioneers would die within about three years of non-use. They need to be removed! That's what I did with the NIB Pioneers I bought in 1997 (including two 1993, never-opened, batteries-deader-than-a-hammer HP 42S units). One of those units is still otherwise unmolested.

But for an HP 33S or 35S...or almost anything that HP (or TI or Casio or Sharp, etc.) has made in the past 30 years? No one will ever care about them once some replacement comes along. Exceptions? Casio scientific calculator wristwatches and 'credit card' scientific calculators...only because they were almost unique, somewhat useful, and were abruptly discontinued without equivalent replacements in anyone's product line. The same hasn't happened in HP's product line except...er...the HP 42S!

If it were me, I'd pull the batteries after about five years if the unit is in a bubble package that must be destroyed to open. I'd do it sooner if access requires only removing shrink-wrap cellophane.
Well, since I'm intending to use these as spares/reserve units in light of the posts in the old forum concerning the issues relating to keyboard reliability and display readibility issues (ie awkward theta symbol design) on some 33s units, these previous posts have helped me conclude that it's time I open these packages up.

Thanks for helping me resolve this.
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