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Full Version: def functions on advanced graphing
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Hello, I want to define two functions for the application advanced graphing from history view.

from HOME V1(X,Y):=X-2*Y=7; V2(X,Y):=5*X-3*Y=2; returns Error: Invalid input

from CAS V1(X,Y):=X-2*Y=7; V2(X,Y):=5*X-3*Y=2; returns (X,Y)->false,(X,Y)->false
solve([V1(X,Y),V2(X,Y)],[X,Y]) returns [X,Y] ?

although pressing the SYMB button the definitions of the functions are well defined

How can I define or externally delete the variables of the applications?
I simply tried V1:="X*Y=2" which works in Home as well as in CAS.
but on CAS V1:="X*Y=2" returns (X,Y)->false

same for

V1:=' X-2*Y=7' returns (X,Y)->false
V2:=' 5*X-3*Y=2'

Advanced_Graphing.V1(X,Y):= X-2*Y=7;
returns (X,Y)->false (CAS)
Error: Invalid input (Home)
Advanced_Graphing.V2(X,Y):= 5*X-3*Y=2;

CAS("V1(X,Y):=X-2*Y=7") returns program([0.,0.],[0.],false)
CAS("V2(X,Y):= 5*X-3*Y=2")

and how do I eliminate them then the variables V1, V2
purge(Advanced_Graphing.V2); // not work

Advanced_Graphing.V1(X,Y):= 'X-2*Y=7' => Error: Invalid input
Advanced_Graphing.V1:='X-2*Y=7' // ok

Advanced_Graphing.V2(X,Y):= '5*X-3*Y=2';
Advanced_Graphing.V2:= '5*X-3*Y=2'; // ok
Advanced_Graphing.V1:="X*Y=3" works from where I tried to fill that in V1, deleting is as simple as entering: Advanced_Graphing.V1:="", but you have to use strings to get that done, not quotes nor anything else.
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