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Full Version: Graph Display showing X Ticks ito PI
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Help, Is there a way to label/show the x-coordinates in terms of PI instead of decimal numbers in a Plot display?

The Plot display would be able to label the vertical grid lines as 0,pi/3, 2pi/3, pi, 4pi/3, 6pi/3, 2pi.

Thanks - Cheers!
I think you noticed that there is a Plot-Setup with Shift where you can enter some values for your x-and y-range and the tickmarks, side 2 lets you choose some further details.

There is currently not any way to do values of pi or similar on your axes - it is numeric only. You can type in things like pi/2 for your min/max, but it will evaluate them.

This is on our list of future graphing changes to implement.
Thank you Arno and Tim!

I will be looking forward to your future graphing changes to implement PI segment labels on the Plot display.

I have used the PI/6 for the "X Tick" and 0 ... 2*PI for the "X Rng" in the Plot Setup but it would be nice if the X-Values could be displayed in terms of PI.

As a workaround one could use a numeric X axis (1/3, 2/3, 1 perhaps) and multiply by Pi in the formula. Would that help?
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