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Full Version: Problem with RANDMAT consistency
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1.When I use RANDMAT(m1,4,3,1,10) it gives me m1 that has as elements integer numbers between -99 and 99.
2.When using RANDMAT(4,3,1,10) it gives me a matrix that has the elements between 1 and 10 and that is correct.

Shouldn't the RANDMAT behave in case 1 the same way as in case 2 ie. to give me the entries in the range 1 to 10 as I want? I think that would be more consistent.

It seems that RANDMAT(m1,...) simply ignores the last 2 parameters, which it shoudn't concerning the Help. Perhaps you may use ranm(rows,cols,...) instead or m1:=RANDMAT(...).
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