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Hi Guys

I am happy to announce there will be a European HP meeting again this year. Of course, the meeting will take place again in the area of Basel / Allschwil.
At the moment I can fix the date, so you can make cheap train connections or flights already:

The meeting will take place on 3 November 2018

As the meeting grows bigger every year and attracts more and more participants from the whole world, I got support from Hans-Peter Bieger. Also, the location will be a bit more spacious this time. I will inform you as soon asI have more details.....
(04-03-2018 08:12 PM)Geir Isene Wrote: [ -> ]Yooohoooo!

Are you going to spend more time with us this year?
I will be more than happy to join!

See you soon,

I will be more than happy to join!

See you soon,

Great. Thanks Matthias and Hans-Peter

See you soon there!
I wouldn't mind joining you for the meeting. But I can't guarantee I can convince my wife to give me two days off...
Count me in !
Can I know the exact location? So I can see if I have budget (€€ and time) to come as well.

Now that I am not anymore too far away - in terms of distance and traveling possibilities - I may come as well (Berlin vs deep South Europe with lack of infrastructure).
(04-04-2018 10:21 AM)Mike (Stgt) Wrote: [ -> ]...Zermatt to take a selfie with the Matterhorn...

Basel to Zermatt is roundabout 4 hours, either by train or by car (+ train as no cars are allowed there). Each way. Milan is more like 5 hours away. Each way. My wife would hate me forever for forcing this kind of torture as a day trip on her... Anyway, in November there is usually not much to see around the Alps other than clouds and Milan will be cold and rainy (if you draw a line on the map from Zermatt to Milano the midpoint is very close to where I had the luck to grow up - so I know what I am talking about).

I will know if I can attend only a couple days before because the nature of my work does not allow for long term planning. It will also depend on the program of course. If it is heavily centered around post 1985 LCD stuff I will probably rather stay home and try to repair some of the pre 1985 LED calculators piling up around me ;-)

NB: If I can attend I could offer to bring some navigation calculators (many of which of course have either an LED of fluorescent display otherwise I could not love them as deeply as they deserve) and maybe give a short talk about navigation tasks.
(04-04-2018 10:21 AM)Mike (Stgt) Wrote: [ -> ]
(04-04-2018 07:18 AM)Harald Wrote: [ -> ]... I can't guarantee I can convince my wife to give me two days off...

I do not know how 'sane&sound' your relation is, but - frankly - Basle is worth a visit even without Allschwil meeting. Just a few locations to go: Fondation Beyeler (fall exhibition Balthus), Schaulager, Kunstmuseum, Vitra Design Museum and its shop (kind of Ikea for the rich ones), a nice anthropology collection, Berne and Zurich are just one hour to go, the Alps 1.5 .. 2 hrs away, a day trip to St. Moritz or Zermatt to take a selfie with the Matterhorn, or shopping in Milano, why not? All possible from Basle while you join the Allschwil meeting.

/M. Wink

Ah! Not to forget Tinguely -- https://www.tinguely.ch/en.html
And Espace d’Art Contemporain Fernet Branca -- http://fondationfernet-branca.org
And Collection Shlumpf in Mulhouse -- World's Largest Automobile Collection
And Peugeot Museum (don't exit the gift shop without a pepper mill or coffee grinder -- what could be the initial reason we call a battered, worn car 'an old mill', at least the sound from the gear box is quite similar)
Or a circular tour, Jura mountains with St-Ursanne for example - Le Corbusier's chapel of Notre-Dame du Haut - la Saline Royale d’Arc et Senans - Alsace/Vosges - Strasbourg, the European capital - Freiburg - Black Forest -- you see, only two days is not enough for Basle.

Thanks for all this info, it might actually help me to convince my wife. I used to work near Lörrach, but unfortunately never really went to Basel.
The biggest problem are our two children, they are 1 and 2 1/2 years old and quite a handful. So it is always difficult to handle them alone. We shall see if things will have improved by November.

If I can make it, I think I could probably present some insight into the classic multi emulator upgrade kit. Unfortunately the emulation part is beyond my capabilities and I am not sure in how much detail people would like to see the hardware explained and the interfacing to the original display drivers. The interfacing is based on Jacques Laportes excellent work on reverse engineering the classic and Woodstock calculators. Unfortunately it was too late to thank him for his efforts.

(04-04-2018 02:29 PM)Mike (Stgt) Wrote: [ -> ]Milano anyone? My suggestion Basle 0504 - Arth-Goldau 0650 - Milano Centrale arrival 0935, or one hour later via Zurich -- so there is plenty more time than I have money to spend.
Back Milano Centrale 1823 - Basle arr. 2232 in one gybe.

When we have/had American visitors here they would do these kinds of day trips so that back home they could tell people that they have seen Switzerland... For me this kind of traveling does not work.
We tried to make a 2-day event with a low budget for our guests. However, it seems impossible to find a location with this goal in mind. Anyway, I have some details:

The meeting room is located in the Catholic rectory in Oberwil.
We have a room for presentations and a space for individual discussions.
The welcome aperitif is currently not set.
We can use the location until about 22:30 clock, then we have to leave until 23:30 clock. (1h to clean the kitchen)
Sandwiches are prepared for lunch and cheese fondue for dinner. (all Swiss are responsible for stirring the cheese in the caquelons)
So we do not waste time on transfers and we can keep the budget low.

On Sundays you can visit the Basler Herbstmesse or even the museums. These museums are free on the first Sunday of each month. (November 3rd!)
(04-04-2018 07:13 PM)Hans-Peter Wrote: [ -> ]....These museums[/url] are free on the first Sunday of each month. (November 3rd!)

Sunday it's the november, 4th
Sehr schön. Ich freue mich.
Count me in...!

I'll attend, too:-)
(04-04-2018 07:13 PM)Hans-Peter Wrote: [ -> ]The meeting room is located in the Catholic rectory in Oberwil.

Hmmm... I work for the Catholic Church. I wonder if I could justify this as a business trip. :-) Nuts, Bishop said no... Have fun y'all! - Evan
I'd like to attend too and present some FPGA-based Saturn and Nut Prototypes. Nicer ones this time around.
I will attend together with my brother!

When you have planned for an official registration?

Hi Matthias. I'll be there. P is back at school that week so won't be able to make it, I'm afraid.
Hello Matthias,

Since the meeting announcement, I have been trying to get an airplane from Montreal (YUL) to Basel (BSL) at a reasonable price.
Unfortunately, the best price I was getting was around $3500.00 CAD without the hotel, which was making no sense when you compare it to the price I got 2 years ago ($1435.00 CAD with hotel).

Today I checked and to my surprise, the price got reasonable again ($1585.00 CAD with hotel) ... so ... I can confirm that I will be present at this year meeting 8-)

My airplane is leaving Montreal Thursday at 20h15 and I will arrive at Basel Friday at 12h35.
Like 2 years ago, I will be staying at the Steinenschanze Stadthotel (Steinengraben 69 Basel) for three nights and I am leaving Basel Monday at 13h10.

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