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Full Version: HP-41C Autostart Duplication ROM, Copy from Cassette to Disk
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I searched the forum and could not see this mentioned. I’ve wondered whether one could use the HP-41C Autostart Duplication ROM to copy a mini-cassette in an HP82161A HP-IL digital cassette drive to a 3-1/2 inch diskette in an HP 9114B HP-IL floppy drive. I finally got around to trying it, and it seems to works fine. The VERIFY subroutine after the copy is completed returns with no errors, and the DIR command produces the expected results front the Diskette. I tried this using the HP-41C Structures cassette. There are 232 files on that cassette, and they all appear to have been transferred to the diskette.

I did have a drive error the first time I tried it, but I tried it twice after that with successful results.
Hi Dan

The module HP-41 Autostart works very well, when you use it with regular formatted mediums.

I was not able to copy all content from a PIL-Drive to a 9114 Floppy formatted with SNEWM 2138.

Autostart first formats all drives to his “old” known format. In this case all data’s on the master drive will be lost.
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