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Full Version: Issues in firmware r13441
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I've found several issues in the latest firmware.
1. The BLIT_P function will do alpha mix when the target area is not the same as the source area, however, the color is directly copied to the target when it's the same even if alpha is set.
2. The PIXON_P function will do alpha mix but in the manual the PIXON_P function is described as "set the pixel".
3. When a GROB is displayed in Home View, it will have an white background when either the width or the height of the GROB is larger than 128, whatever the theme is that. (I suppose its background should be black when I use a dark theme.)
4.The INPUT function won't accept any inputs except you directly press Enter when inputting when a string is put in the variant.
5.The AFilesB function will crash when you request to read out of the file, i.e. AFiles("1"):=1;AFilesB("1",100);.
6.The color set dialog doesn't show a correct color when the saturation of the color is not 128, i.e F1(COLOR):=#C0C0C0h.
Some more bugs I've found:
1. The CHOOSEDATE will go wrong when you change the date lower than 1982.10.1 or higher than 9999.12.31.
2. The alpha blend sometimes goes wrong a bit, for example PIXON_P(0,0,#FFh);PIXON_P(0,0,#C00000FFh);GETPIX_P(0,0);will get #FEh instead of #FFh
3. DIMGROB_P(G1,-1,-1) crashes the calculator and DIMGORB_P(G1,-1,1) is accepted.
4.The Demo_RORATE has a wrong pragma, the integer base should be d instead of h.
5.There are two pade's in the help catalog.
6.The arc function in cas will not work because it's overloaded by ARC in home view.
7.Anything related to debugging a cas program crashes such as halt.
8.A point on the ellipse is not on the ellipse, for example element(ellipse(1,-1,2),1) is not on the point.
9.The locus function gives me undef when the point is defined with single_inter function.
10.A string such as "\001" can be interpreted as "\0 01" or "\001" and is interpreted as "\0 01"
11.Press copy when you are editing the name of a program and you'll get something strange.
12.The cas can't interpret 0...1 as 0. ..1 .
Please send list of bugs to the beta email... this isn't particularly the right place for that. Thanks!
(02-26-2018 04:01 PM)Tim Wessman Wrote: [ -> ]Please send list of bugs to the beta email... this isn't particularly the right place for that. Thanks!

13441 is still beta? It doesn't announce itself that way.
No it isn't. But it will be the most direct way to report things and just putting lists of bugs (or things you think are bugs which about 1/3 of these aren't at first glance) without any discussion isn't really of interest to most people.

That email will directly go to people actively monitoring it and creating bug reports so things can begin getting tracked. Posting things in a forum somewhere depends on me or someone else to actively find it. If one of us missed seeing it, then it just disappeared.

So if people are really interested in reporting a bug, the most direct way to do it is sending an email to the calc beta email address.
is also important to discuss the problems, bugs, here, with a copy to the email, mentioned.
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