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Full Version: pyILPER 1.7.1 production
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pyILPER 1.7.1 was released on GitHub.

pyILPER 1.7.1 introduces major improvements of the user interface.

The most important enhancements are:
  • The virtual device tabs can be undocked from the main application and used as independent floating windows
  • The GUI settings like font sizes can be configured individually for each device. This optimizes the application of floating windows in a multi monitor environment
  • The local configuration of the devices was cleaned up and is now fast and easy accessible by cascading menus
See the Release Notes for further details. Release 1.7.0 was withdrawn due to a short term bugfix.

pyILPER is available on the ANACONDA channel by now. A

conda update --all
should do the job. See the installation instructions for further details.

An update of the LIFUTILS is not needed.

Windows users who did not reinstall their Miniconda environment in the last six months are strongly encouraged to do a fresh reinstall. Uninstall the old version first, download the most recent distribution of Miniconda (Python 3.6 version) for your 32/64 bit Windows. Run the installer and do not check the option to change the PATH environment variable. Proceed as documented in the installation instruction.

Got it. Excellent. No problem with: conda update --all


(02-23-2018 08:01 PM)smp Wrote: [ -> ]Got it. Excellent. No problem with: conda update --all



also here!
No problems, Mac OS X and Windows.
thank you!

Quick install, no bumps, all very smooth.

Thanks Joachim, very, very nice!
With a little help from Sylvain, I finally was able to explore a bit with the 7470A Plotter simulator, running one of the HP-75 Graphics Solutions Books programs which draws Line Charts.

For folks wondering about the nature of the pyILPer plotter simulator, I built a little graphic using the HP-75 program, 'printed' it to the plotter virtual device, and then saved it as a PDF. The file is attached below.

@Joachim - I did not encounter any issues, but I hardly did any testing... in fact I hardly did any using at all, but I wanted to report that the plotter device and PDF output option both behaved just as expected.
Same here, running flawless - thanks for your all good work. Cause of changing my job I was not able for the last year to continue my playing with the HP71B.


conda update --all

best regards
Hello Joachim,

I am doing low level HP-IL debugging with pyILPER v1.7.1 this morning.

My debug setup is: IL-Controller <-> PILBox#1 [pyilper --instance one with Scope] <-> IL-device <-> PILBox#2 [pyilper --instance two with Scope] <-> IL-Controller

I think that it would be interesting to have a way to add a synchronous tag in the log file allowing to match high-level action with low level HP-IL messaging.
You could add a Tag:InputTextBox with a Add:Button at the top of the tracing window, allowing the user to press the button to add the tag data into the log file.
Just a suggestion.



PS: I found that the configuration changes are saved when you leave the application using the menu File/Quit, but they are not saved when you leave with the keyboard shortcut, Command+Q on a Mac.
PPS: Thank you all (You, JFG & CG) for having created these nice tools that are very useful for me.
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