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Full Version: Source for low self discharge sub C for rebuilds?
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I have an HP 82037A battery pack that needs rebuilding. I want to try and move away from NiCad batteries for rebuilds of old battery packs. The Panasonic Enloops are good replacements for NiCads in my AA and AAA devices, and they are easy to get. I am having trouble finding larger sizes.

This site sells LSD subC NiMh with tabs but they are in Europe and will not ship this battery to the USA: Reichelt Electronik

My google skills have failed me. My local battery specialty store, which can usually source any weird battery I want, can't help. Does anyone know of a source for these that is US based or will ship to the US?
You're not the only one looking for LSD Sub-C batteries.


A couple of things:
* The batteries from Germany only have a capacity of 2750 mAH
* From the link, above, there are standard NiMH that exhibit LSD properties in the 4000 mAH range
* How do you plan on charging these packs?

Might I suggest a smart pack charger, like this one.


Power Pacs can be modified to accept the charger plug directly. I also use one to charge my 2225 batteries.

I had not really thought about charging. I rebuilt the little rechargeable battery pack for the HP 41 with Helmut Wabnig's instructions using (non LSD) Varta 2.4V Ni-MH batteries. I charge these per Helmut's recommendation, no more than 10 hours after the BAT flag appears. I _was_ thinking I would recharge the printer pack with the HP charger as before and adjust the charging time by battery capacity.

Thanks for the links.
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