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Full Version: New 13333 DIMGROB_P behaviour breaks many apps
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Many apps, games but not only, start by dimensioning GROB objects with fixed values. For example, this is a quite frequent line for fullscreen backgrounds and offscreens :

With 13333, DIMGROB_P now reports a memory error if the specified grob already has the requested dimensions :
[Image: 2043_1519218656_5a8d6fe0cab23.png]
Yes, even with 1x1px grobs and more than 13MiB free RAM...

As a consequence, many apps can't be run twice in a row anymore.
And many apps can't be run anymore if the last run app used some grob objects with the same dimensions.

The user will need to manually DIMGROB_P to some random values between apps if he knows about the issue, or to reset.

The problem wasn't there in 13217 beta.

Any workaround ? Is there a way to check the grob dimensions before calling DIMGROB_P ?

Oh, thank you for such a prompt and valuable reply. I'll try.
Just hold on a bit longer...
Ok, the new versions are out and posted. This will correct that issue.

...and we have another group of tests in the test suite now revolving around running the same program multiple times... Smile
Wow, you're faster than light. Wink
Thank you very much.
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