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Full Version: TI66 w ultrasonic telemeter
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[Image: 57583215676.jpg]

now, this is weird

with the beacon looking the same way as the display, how are you supposed to see the reading?? LOL

edit: the listing, just in case: https://www.vibbo.com/madrid/calculadora...&st=a&c=54

I did not buy it
(02-25-2018 02:04 PM)hp41cx Wrote: [ -> ]My :-)

Good find... From the pictures in the auction one can guess that the calculator and the ultrasonic distance meter are not really connected. There is a separate display on the side of the box and the calculator is probably only used to convert the units and do some calculations on the results. Still, 1,25$ is a good price for a Ti-66 alone!
1,25$ I HATE you , Big Grin

I can not see the mentioned display, the gray square on top of the meter looks like a switch to select either feet or meters to me

Moreover, in this picture I think I see a connector on the right of the telemeter

[Image: 57508085496.jpg]

edit: just to clarify things, hp41cx and me are talking about different listings
the images i have posted are from this listing: https://www.vibbo.com/madrid/calculadora...&st=a&c=54
I did not buy the calculator, find it a little bit expensive
Where's the TI-66?

The listing was: "Vintage Texas Instruments TI-66 Programmable Calculator with EMS FT4100. Tested and works, with case and new batteries....."

Furthermore. what you received is not what was pictured.

I know it's only $1.25 but the same seller might be conning other people for larger amounts of money. Report them to eBay.
I got it complete and working perfectly just is not with the manual
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