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Full Version: Prime Pro App, No connectivity wirelessly
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I have the latest CK installed, and the latest Prime Pro firmware installed on a Google Nexus 7 tablet and a Google Pixel 2 phone. Neither one of those 2 devices are seeing my wireless network, I have an Android "Mini" phone that does see the network and shows up in the CK. Yes, both Google devices have wifi turned on. When I swipe the left menu out and tap "Connect to", It just says "Searching for network". I looked through the Prime forum topics, but did not find anything on this subject, or I just missed it. Any help is appreciated.
Yes that is my case too, I have the application installed on a tablet and an Asus cell phone and they do not connect to the wireless network, I had already posted this in another thread but none of the things have helped me either, I do not know what it is that is failing, or if it only serves for certain cell phone brands and Android versions.
I just downloaded the latest Prime Pro update from the google play store. The good news is I now have wireless connectivity on my Nexus 7. The bad news, I still do not have connectivity on the Google Pixel 2 phone running Android 8.1.0. I rebooted the phone, uninstalled and reinstalled the Prime Pro App. No luck. Any suggestions?
I have the Pixel 2 also, and for what it's worth, I briefly had similar issues about a month ago. Changing settings, turning WiFi on/off, etc. did not help. After restarting both the PC and Pixel 2 I was able to connect just fine and ever since have not had any issues.
Jacob, So far I'm not having any luck getting the Pixel 2 to talk. I've rebooted the PC and phone to no avail. I looked through the post where Math7 was having trouble, but decided what was being suggested is more than I want to deal with. It shouldn't be that hard, especially when I have 2 other devices talking to the CK. I called and talked to calculator tech support, but the person I spoke with was unaware that the CK talked wirelessly to the Android. I'll just wait, someone here will probably come up with a suggestion that will work. Android has probably put some kind of security in their OS so the CK can't talk. You must have pushed the magic button. Now, I need to find that same button.
Pixel 2 is a device we have in the test lab and test on... Dunno why it isn't working for you. Sad
I am not having a hanging problem as mentioned in another thread, but I still am unable to communicate with the connectivity kit. My pixel 2 is running Android 8.1.0, security patch dated March 5, 2018. Verizon is the cell phone provider. Does anyone else have a Pixel 2 running the Prime Pro App?
I still cannot connect to the connectivity kit with my Pixel 2. Things I've noticed that are different with the Pixel 2 are;
1) When booting, Prime emulator doesn't give me a "network not found" error message when my network is turned off and it doesn't hesitate (like it's searching for a network), like my Nexus 7 and Motorola Mini do.
2) The Icon is different. Pixel 2 Icon is round with "HP Prime..." text. My Nexus and Motorola have a square Icon with "HP Prime Pro" text. When I look at the app details on the Pixel 2, it says it is the Prime Pro.

Any ideas?
Someone mentioned to me that toggling the Private / Public status of your network profile on the PC running the CK can make a difference. I haven't seen this myself, but maybe worth a shot?
I'm on Win 7, and it's under "Network and sharing center" ->"Change advanced sharing settings". I toggled all the options there, saving after each toggle. Still can't connect.
I'm open to more suggestions.
I've just recently received a June security update for my Pixel 2 Android phone. Still unable to connect wirelessly.

I also sent this email to HP:
I have a Motorola Mini phone, and a Nexus 7 tablet that talk just fine to the connectivity kit via the Prime Pro app, but the Pixel 2 Prime Pro app is not being seen. I am running 8.1.0, May security patch. Wifi is turned on. The Pixel 2 is, I think, set up the same way as the Mini and Nexus.
When the app boots, it doesn't give me an error message "network not found", if I actually have the wifi turned off. I'm wondering is the Pixel processor too fast, and something in the app is not being loaded?
I have posted this on the HP museum site, but they don't seem to have any answers.
I would like to get this resolved, so I can transfer my programs to the app.

This was the answer received:
Hi Bob,
This is a unknown issue ae the R&D team is working to resolve it in the next release. (My note: the "ae" was as I received in the email)
The HP Calculator Team

Any suggestions?
(06-16-2018 01:37 PM)Bob Frazee Wrote: [ -> ]This is a unknown issue ae the R&D team is working to resolve it in the next release.

How can they be working to resolve it if it's an "unknown" issue?

Honnestly, I have no clue as to the exact problem is...
Obviously you have configured the con kit properly as your other devices DO see and talk to the con kit...
So the problem must come from the phone... But what is the problem is the big issue.
Normally, I would run a network activity monitor on the device that does not work in order to figure out what is wrong, but I do not know if such tools do exist on Android.

I created (a long time ago), a file that explains a little bit how the system works. Assuming that you can find tools to run on your phone, you might be able to find what is wrong (which does not mean that it can be fixed)...

All in all, implementing this system has been a pain as we kepts being blocked from every side/angle by the various OS manufacturers!
For example, on windows 10, an "app" is blocked from comunicating with another "app" running on the same computer. So, you can connect the emulator to a con kit running on another computer, but put them on the same computer and Microsoft will block the communication!!!!
Some OS block the use of ports bellow 1024 to non root apps (for security reason), some network block the use of port above 1024 (for security reason)...

Anyhow, I hope that you will be able to gather more information, please do not hesitate to post anything else that you discover and I will try to help as much as I can.

(06-18-2018 05:37 AM)cyrille de brébisson Wrote: [ -> ]For example, on windows 10, an "app" is blocked from comunicating with another "app" running on the same computer.

Not true. The software that I produce in my day job communicates with other apps running on localhost and nothing is blocked on Windows 10.

Is your software a "windows store app"?

I am not talking about so called "desktop apps" here, but about "windows store apps"... They are the ones for which local connection is "illegal".

Last time I tested, you could run the con kit and a windows Prime emulator on the same win 10 computer, and it worked... But if you ran the "windows store app" emulator, it did not comunicate with the con kit...

This behavior is by design. Please see: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library...70532.aspx

"Network isolation and loopback

IP loopback addresses and the loopback interface have traditionally been used for communication between different applications over the network, as well as for interprocess communication within several applications on a local computer.

Network communications using an IP loopback address cannot normally be used for interprocess communication (between two different apps) because this is restricted by network isolation. Network communication using an IP loopback address is allowed within an app within the same process for communication purposes."

My understanding is that Microsoft's point of view is that "apps from the store should be independent and not rely on anything else installed locally". This is why they are blocking such type of loopbacks/inter app comunications...

Now, my information is 1 year old and things might have changed. If you have a way for "windows app" (as in store) to communicate locally through TCP/IP with a local server, please enlighten me so that I can implement it!!!!

Got it. You didn't state that you were talking about a Windows Store App specifically.

No idea why Microsoft introduced that restriction when it does not exist for Desktop apps. Yet more proof of how irrelevant the Windows Store is for desktop machines. I can see the attraction for mobile devices but even Windows tablets allow you to operate in desktop mode and install desktop apps. Windows Phone mobiles are different, but they're a species on the verge of extinction anyway.
(06-19-2018 07:27 AM)grsbanks Wrote: [ -> ]Got it. You didn't state that you were talking about a Windows Store App specifically.

Even me, as a musician and not a programmer, I understood the word "app" in Cyrille's post. It is clear that HP Prime developers are not so stupid to not know that ordinary desktop applications can communicate localy. :-)
(06-19-2018 02:35 PM)chromos Wrote: [ -> ]Even me, as a musician and not a programmer, I understood the word "app" in Cyrille's post. It is clear that HP Prime developers are not so stupid to not know that ordinary desktop applications can communicate localy. :-)

Yes, it's well known that I'm exceedingly stupid Smile
The best guess we are working under is that by using network broadcast packets to find and identify across the network we are running afoul of systems that block this considering it a security risk. Network topology, antivirus, and all sorts of things can potentially cause issues.

The best idea we have to avoid this is to switch to using zeroconf/bonjour protocol to find and identify apps on other devices. This is because those are going to be much less likely to be blocked (being "standard" protocols), and are natively supported on every OS except windows. In other words, by using that it should hopefully be less likely to be blocked.

That takes a while to do however since everything in the networking discovery requires rewriting amd then testing for all platforms.... and I've been in the process of moving to Taipei as discussed elsewhere. Big Grin

So yes, we are "working on it" but can't say when or if it comes out as always (since we aren't allowed to speak definitively about any future dates or commitments)
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