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Full Version: New Graph3d in ROM
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Hey all,

Is the Graph3d in the latest ROM from the same Han Duong who wrote the very excellent Graph3d?

If so (forgive me if I've missed something obvious here):

* why are some features missing (like 2d/3d contour)?
* is there hope for 3d parametrized plots sometime in the future?

Scott Guth
To say that the truth is quite similar but I think it is not the same application ... In other things, I would like you to help me with the application. Well this should be from the factory.

No, the new ROM based 3D grapher is not from Han.

(02-19-2018 06:35 AM)cyrille de brébisson Wrote: [ -> ]Hello,

No, the new ROM based 3D grapher is not from Han.


Nice job Cyrille, +1 ;-)
Not from cyrille either.

Its the same person who wrote all the graphing apps/code.
ok - Keep up the highly skilled good work guys !
Hi there guys,

Nice to see latest firmware update 2018.02.12 (13441). BTW I just bought my HP Prime in late March 2018. I have been enjoying it so far...

I was wondering when can we see more advanced features for Graph 3D app like original Advanced Graph app e.g. plot 3D graphs from parametric equations? Or features like drawing lines or wireframes instead of just surfaces?

Again many thanks & looking forward to your positive feedbacks soon.

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