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Full Version: a new cmd pretty-print on the history
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sorry for my bad English

Hi, the TI-nspire cx calc calculator unfortunately eliminated the I/O view of ti68k calcs (ti89, tiv200), making the tradition of TI68K basic programmers abandon this programming style, with the suppression of the I/O view and toolbar and dialog boxes specialized, almost nobody continued programming in the ti-nspire.
At least the developer group add a new command to print in pretty-print on the history, this same command, I need it in the prime, since the terminal view does not print in pretty-print.

The set of programs that I made, are for the purpose of teaching and learning basic mathematics, where I show symbolic expressions, and a calculator of last generation as it is the hp-prime have not yet incorporated this function, and even the hp48gx of 1993, this can do it, converting the expression into a 2D graphic object.
Mencionaron algo al respecto, parece que aún falta un tiempo para tener ese PRINT con contenido formateado.
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