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Full Version: Manual for Evolution Navigator
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I purchased a pocket computer dedicated to
Aviation navigation called the Evolution Pocket Navigator

Because it can print to an 82240B it earns a spot in the collection

anyone ever heard of it. I am looking for a manual?

it’s pretty straightforward to reverse engineer the menus but a manual would be awesome.

PS really an interesting device ...


(02-14-2018 02:20 AM)twdeckard Wrote: [ -> ]anyone ever heard of it.

No! And I thought I know about every aviation/navigation calculator (and have most of them in my collection). But this one is completely new to me. The only thing Google finds, you probably have seen this too, is an advert in Flying Magazine from 1992:

250$ in 1992 for aviation calculator is quite a premium price. The products of the competition at that time (e.g. ASA Pathfinder, Jeppesen Avstar) cost only about half as much. Additionally, navigation software for PDAs and Psion Organisers and similar devices were already on the market then for very little money. Therefore I guess they have sold very few of these Evolution Navigators and they must be extemely rare. Congratulations!
It’s a pretty impressive device. It will propose a point-to point flight plan between fixes
and it appears to maintain a ded recon position in flight. It last updated its database from a pc/floppy in 1993.

The interface is quite elegant and I can almost work most functions wo documentation.

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