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Full Version: Hp prime geometry questions
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I am back after putting the hp prime in the drawer for awhile. Using my Casio FX-CG500 I really liked how easy the geometry app was when creating tangent circles to just drawing a line and able to change the angle on a whim. Has the hp prime got any better with the geometry app? I really like how powerful hp prime is just a lot of inputting for the geometry app. Work as a machinist/inspection so its nice drawing a little sketch of the part I am doing to pick up theoretical sharp points and stuff like that and also inputting circles on two tangent lines.

There is a way to add an interactive slider (Cmd->Plot->Slider) that you can adjust in realtime. Linking that to the angle of the tangent should be posible. No idea how to do that though :/

I was happy too knowing about the new geometry app, but I don't find it intuitive at all.
It would be really nice to know how to do that kind of stuff on the HP Prime.
Perhaps it would be a good idea to read the manual, I made a little program that uses the Geometry app as a base, it shows using some of the geometry commands in a program (Taylorani)
I know the basic's of the geometry app, I am just wanting to know how to be able to draw angles in a easier manner then converting.
I think then there won`t be a better way than writing a small program for this task.
That sucks, its just so simple with the classpad on the casio to determine the angle you want from a point. I will keep messing with the HP Prime tho.
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