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Full Version: Cannot get new Prime...Oh for the good old days (SOLVED)
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I recently shelled out £25 for a new Prime on Android.
Had all gone to plan I would have got it in time to have a day trying out the Beta release.
Now, the new release has reached the uk Google Play store...
But I have no way of getting either the calculator, or my £25 back.

If you are thinking of getting one, I do not recommend purchasing one from Sainsburys (a uk supermarket).
Details: http://www.hpmuseum.org/forum/thread-10114.html
Oh for the good old days when you could walk into a shop with cash and walk out with a calculator.
Let me word it differently one sec

So first of all I understand that is annoying that something does not work immediately after we buy it. But that happens , going back in time is not going to solve anything (rather the contrary). Plus idealizing the past creates more problems than not.
In the past you would likely spend 150 pounds on a prime from a shop, not 25. So consider that you have some more trials in your budget!

Defective products or services happens , whether they are calculators , hard drives, piece of paper with codes , deliveries, etc.
We cannot determine that something is bad from one negative (small) event.

Plus nowadays those codes are not even required to be bought physically (the paper codes are great for presents though). My bank offers to buy codes directly or with PayPal you can just buy things in Google play, no need of physical codes.
Thanks to the helpful staff at Google support, this has now been installed.
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