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Full Version: HP Prime Pro iOS and Features
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Hi all.

Before I get the Prime Pro

How robust is its RPN mode?

How do I deactivate Exam Mode if I set it? Can that be done without connecting the iPhone/iPad to a computer?

On another question, what are the most “just like the real thing” HP-48GX and HP-50G iOS apps?

You can get the lite and give it a try if you want.

Basic calculations and number crunching is essentially the same. Where thigns are different generally is variables and CAS.
As I previously mentioned, I do not have access to a computer not do I have the Connectivity Kit. So, how could I exit Exam Mode on the Prime for iOS?
A "reset" will do it on the apps. Note, you really have to go through hurdles to get it in started now with a confirmation screen and a screen slide.
Yes! That initial setup is easily handled.
Thanks for the help. I’d love to buy the HP version of ‘the other guys’’ Graphic calcs. Since I already own the real 50G, 48GX and 28S, I’d rather buy a fully RPN/RPL calc. So, since HP’s latest fully RPL/RPN graphic calc is the 50G which I already own, I’d rather own a Prime at a lower cost since it’s not a devoted RPL calc. And the iOS version at $25 is a comfortable compromise.
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