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Full Version: unable to scratch Google Play card
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As I intended to get another HP Prime App, I purchased a £25 Google Play gift card.
The instructions say to scratch and a number will appear.
I have used such cards a few years ago, but this one - If I scratch much more there will be no paper left.
Has anyone else had this problem?
I have returned to the retailer and Sainsburys (a uk supermarket) say they cannot refund the £25 spent on products that are not fit for purpose.
(In case there is any confusion Iwould like to make clear that it is the payment card that is not fit for purpose: I can't yet comment on the new calculator but am sure it is worth every penny, if only Sainsburys/Google would pass the pennies on to HP).
Sainsburys say I have to contact Google, whose address is supposed to be on the packaging. Of course that will take much longer than addressing the defect in-shop.
Checking the packaging, it seems Sainsbury's were... mistaken(?)... about it having Google's customer support address on the packaging.

Does anyone know how to contact Google to get their Google Play card refunded, since the retailer won't help?
It looks like a phone call to Google may be the fastest way to get this resolved. The link shows the phone number to the UK center:


Phone: 0800 328 6081

If I visit the UK, I'll remember to stay away from Sainsburys, given all the trouble that's going on.

Good luck.
Thanks for your help Eddie - now why couldn't Sainsbury's have at least given me that? Even better, they could have helped with the photograph of the receipt.

The worst thing about this: the unneccessary delay.
The best thing: I now have experience of using Google support. Really impressed by their helpful staff.
Glad it worked out, Stephen.
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