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Full Version: Graphing Integrals
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How do I graph an integral over some interval such as integral (x^2) dx from 0 to 3 ?
Advanced Graphing.
V1: 0≤Y≤X²
V2: 0≤X≤3
How about something like this?

V1: 0≥Y≥PIECEWISE(0≤X≤3,(X^2-2))
V2: 0≤Y≤PIECEWISE(0≤X≤3,(X^2-2))
V3: Y=X^2-2

Edit: I used X^2-2 (instead of X^2) so that it would demonstrate areas above and below the x axis.
It could be this way too...

V1: 0≤Y≤X^2 AND (0≤X≤3)

V2: Y=X^2
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