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Full Version: CHOOSE with one more button? [Programming]
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Hi everyone!

I just created my account here after looking some of your posts in the Old Forum. I wanted to ask about the CHOOSE command in HP 49 Series.

I have a little program in a var that alllows me to choose between diferent other programs that I use for choosing which formula I want to calculate . I was wondering if there is the possibility to modify (or create) a CHOOSE structure that includes one more button than "OK" and "CANCEL". I would use this button to view the formula that will be used if I choose the highlighted selection in the CHOOSE structure.

I'm pretty unsure that it could be done but I'd prefer to ask to the experts.
Thanks and sorry if my explanation it's a little confusing.
  put option to show you your equation in USER RPL is not possible, you would have to use SYSTEM RPL, but can this program showing video.

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