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Full Version: New MoHPC forum dumps (this forum)
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Hi, after a quick exchange with Eric of hpcalc.org , we agreed that having a backup of this forum (MyBB based) would be great. See http://www.hpmuseum.org/forum/thread-100...l#pid89760

The possibility to have a dump of this forum, in a periodical form (like once a year) would be pretty neat already.

Would it be possible? If not "shared" as file, could a dump of this forum be at least included, every now and then, in the MoHPC document set? That is another way to have redundancy when the buyers buy it.

I would hope that the MyBB control panel would have a sort of "export forum / archive forum" to get a convenient archive of xml or html files (if not, it is an idea for a MyBB plugin)
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