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Full Version: HP 29C strange behaviour
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While entering a program I made a mistake. I wanted to enter GTO i ([GTO] [ g ] [R arrow down]) but I entered LBL i ( [ g ] [GTO] [ g ] [R arrow down]). As a result, the calc displayed 01 24 22 => RCL 22.
I entered a value in Register 22 (22 STO 0 then 1234567 STO i) and ran the program. It displayed 1234567 !!!
Normally register numbers beyond .5 are not directly accessible. Am I wrong ?

[Image: hp29c_mem_22.jpg]

Is this trick known ? Are they some others ?

I tried with other keys but got nothing.
You are misinterpreting your program. The 22 represents the key in row 2 and column 2, which is the indirect addressing function i. So, you are simply performing RCL i, not RCL 22.
(01-26-2018 10:07 PM)badaze Wrote: [ -> ]Is this trick known ? Are they some others ?

This is no trick, it is the normal behavior. You just entered [g] [arrow down] which is RCL i .

The preceding sequence [g] [GTO] is abandoned because the following key replaces it.

Shame on me !
Big Grin
Thank you !
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