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Full Version: Forum and posting behavior
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Forum and posting behavior - Gene

We have had a rash of problematic behavior by various members in the forum over the last few weeks, which can easily get out of hand. As the newest moderator here, I would like to remind everyone of a few principles to respect while participating in the forum. If we do not adhere to the ideas below, we may ruin a very good place to exchange ideas about some of our favorite things.

1 – Treat others kindly. That seems pretty self-evident but in an online world, it is perhaps more important to keep this in mind that in the “real” world. All too often, it is easier to be harsh online than in person. We may respond to a post quickly and our words may not be helpful. I know I have been guilty of that in the past. Try hard to change.

2 –Speak softly. Going along with #1 above, always choose words carefully. Remember, we are a global community and some ways of speaking do not translate well from language to language.

3 – Assume the best about other members. Look for ways to assume good things about people and their posts. Be slow to get upset. Step away from the keyboard. Read what you have posted, delete it all if necessary, and consider typing it again tomorrow.

4 – Avoid language that raises the temperature of the dialog. Yes, that involves four-letter words, but it can be more than that. In 2017, do we really mean watching language for words like **** and ####? Yes. Something Richard Nelson put in place in the PPC Journal long ago has always stuck with me: This is a technical publication and those types of words do not add to the discussion. They are a diversion from sharing knowledge.

5 - The moderators are human. We make mistakes like everyone else. Have patience with us too, as this is a volunteer activity and is not always fun.

6 – All of us are guests here. Dave runs this board and it has been a wonderful place to learn and grow and share. If we abuse it, it could go away.

So, don’t call people stupid, crooks, @#!$#@%, or anything else. Leave that out of our discussions. Find ways to help, encourage, and educate. I know I need to learn and grow.

Thank you for your time and attention. Please respect others.
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