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HP-32S Features

Features in optional ROMs are listed as Option.
Features in HP mag card or tape Application Pacs are listed as +.
Other software is not included.
Display and Keyboard HP-32S
Display type LCD
Display format 1 Line
FIXed number format Yes
SCIentific number format Yes
ENGineering number format Yes
STanDard / ALL number format Yes
Alpha messages and prompts Yes
Softkeys labeled by mag. card or overlay -
Softkeys labeled by display menus Yes
Softkeys with neither labeling system -
Status annunciators Yes
Redefinable keyboard -
Logic HP-32S
Logic system RPN
Stack levels 4
Last x Yes
Undo -
Precedence -
Parentheses -
Storage Addition (STO +) Yes
Storage Arithmetic (STO +, −, ×, ÷) Yes
Storage Exponentiation (STO ^) -
Recall Arithmetic Yes
Named variables Yes
Multiple data types -
Directories -
Math HP-32S
+, −, ×, ÷ Yes 
1/x Yes
x2 Yes
LOG x Yes
10x Yes
LN x Yes
ex Yes
yx Yes
π Yes
% Yes
% change Yes
INTeger truncation and ABSolute value Yes
Trigonometric functions (SIN, COS etc.) Yes
Hyperbolic trig. (SINH, COSH etc.) Yes
# of trig. modes (degrees, radians, grads) 3
Advanced Math HP-32S
Solver / root finder Yes
Numeric integration Yes
Complex numbers Yes
Matrix operations -
Matrix writer -
Equation writer -
Symbolic operations -
Fractions -
Plotting and graphics (display) -
Plotting and graphics (printer / plotter) -
Statistical HP-32S
Mean, standard deviation (# of variables) 2
Σ of n, x, x2 Yes
Σ of n, x, x2, y Yes
Σ of n, x, x2, y, xy Yes
Σ of n, x, x2, y, y2, xy Yes
Σ of lists -
Random number generator Yes
Linear regression, estimate  Yes
Curve fitting -
Correlation coefficient Yes
Normal distribution -
Factorial Yes
Gamma Yes
Combinations and permutations Yes
Scientific and Time HP-32S
Polar / rectangular conversions Yes
Base conversions (2, 8, 10, 16) Yes
Arithmetic in bases 2, 8 and 16 Yes
Bit operations (AND, OR, XOR, ...) -
Selectable word size (1-64 bits) -
Selectable complement mode (1's, 2's, unsigned) -
Decimal hrs / hrs.min.sec. conversions Yes
Hrs.min.sec arithmetic -
Time of day clock -
Timer -
Dynamic calculations (timer × rate) -
Alarms -
Unit Conversions HP-32S
Centimeters / inches -
Millimeters / inches -
Meters / feet -
Kilograms / pounds (mass) -
Newtons / pounds (force) -
British thermal units / joules -
Liters / gallons -
° Celsius / ° Fahrenheit -
Other -
User-defined units -
Time Value of Money HP-32S
Number of payments (n) -
Interest rate (i) -
Present Value (PV) -
Payment (PMT) -
Future Value (FV) -
Cash Flow Analysis HP-32S
Net present value (NPV) -
Internal rate of return (IRR) -
Amortization HP-32S
Accumulated Interest (ACC INT) -
Balance (BAL) -
Depreciation HP-32S
Straight line (SL) -
Sum of the years digits (SOYD) -
Declining balance (DB) -
Bonds and calendar functions HP-32S
Bond price -
Bond yield -
Date arithmetic / calendar functions -
Memory and Programming HP-32S
Programming language(s) RPN
RAM / Max # of variables or addressable registers 26
Max # of program steps 260
RAM / Max vars or regs with full optional RAM -
Max # of prog steps with full optional RAM -
Merged program steps  Yes
Manual register / program memory allocation  -
Automatic register / program memory allocation Yes
Overlapped register and program memory -
Continuous memory Yes
Flags 7
Conditional tests 8
Subroutine levels 7
Indexed looping (increment by +/- 1, end at 0) Yes
Indexed looping (choice of increment and end) Yes
Multiple index / loop registers Yes
Line number addressing -
Branching by relative line number -
Global program label addressing Yes
Local program label addressing -
Indirect / computed addressing and control Yes
Multiple indirection registers -
Pause Yes
Alpha messages and prompts in programs Limited*
Alpha program listings -
Alpha string manipulation -
Program step insert / delete Yes
I/O and Expansion Features HP-32S
ROM modules -
RAM modules or expansion option -
General expansion slots / connector -
Magnetic card reader/writer -
Tape drive -
Disk drive -
Upgradeable firmware -
Optical wand -
Serial port -
Infrared input -
Infrared output -
Printer -
Networking -
Other -
General HP-32S
Sounds -
Self test Yes
Hard case (in addition to soft case) -
Additional Features -
Batteries 3 SR 44
Length (inches) 5.85"
Width 3.15"
Height 0.6"
Weight (oz or lbs) 5 oz
Year of introduction 1988
Features in optional ROMs are listed as Option.
Features in HP mag card or tape Application Pacs are listed as +.
Other software is not included.

Unlim means limited only by available memory.
HP-32S notes:
  • The Input statement could be used to stop the program and indicate which variable was to be entered. For example INPUT X would display X? followed by the current value of X. A new value could then be entered.
  • To start the self test, with the calculator on, press and hold the yx key and press the ON/C key. Pressing any key will step through a series of tests (including printing a copyright) until you see KBD 01. Then you must press each key from the upper left from left to right and then down until you see 32S OK If there is a problem, you will see a FAIL message. To exit the test, at any point, press and hold the LN key and then press the ON/C key. A continuous test (minus the keyboard test) can be started by holding 1/x and pressing ON/C. Exit this test in the same way as the individual test.

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