The Great Wall

We visited the Great Wall at Badaling. From where we approached the wall, you could take the gentle touristy side or the steep climb side - we took the steep side to get away from the crowd. This is a picture of the gentle side taken from the steep side. Each one of those tiny spots is a person.

Our guide (in black leaning against the rail) decided to let us have our fun and pick him up on the way back.

Chris in the middle, Mike farther up. A steep ramp leads to...

steeper steps (each one about 6-8 inches deep and 1-2 feet high) Notice man trying to decide where to step next.

Check the expressions after the steps. (Also notice police and military in the background.) Notice too how the wall snakes up to the left, over the mountain and then off to the right.

Some close up but again see how it snakes to the left and then the right. There's 3600 miles and none of it is straight.

Me somewhere along the wall. More wall in the background.

Walking up to a signal tower.

As you get higher the crowds get thinner.

That's as far as we could go.