Maggie's apartment now has more furniture including a bed.

The first night I was burned out from flying. Too tired to be awake but too charged up to sleep. I turned on the TV and the first thing I found looked just like "Who wants to be a millionaire"...

except that the host doesn't look like Regis Phillman...

I have no idea what this is about.

Or this.

And I'm really clueless about this!

The next day we had trouble getting the door open. This was because the neighbors had guests and they left their shoes outside, filling up the landing.

This man made a sculpture with our zodiac signs.

He does nice work in little time.

We drew a crowd. That's Maggie in the Zebra dress.

At the time, we thought I was born in the year of the pig but we were wrong! It turns out that my January birthday on the solar calendar was in December of the previous year on the lunar calendar! What to do????

Simple: Go back later and have another one made :-) This was Maggie's idea and it came out very well. She didn't want me to be confused about my identity. That's me on the left.

Some handheld night shots around Shanghai's old town area.

The bund area

The TV tower

We had dinner in the trangular building overlooking the Bund (on the far side.)

A band drumming up business for a jewelry store.

An interested dish - dates (we think) stuffed with sticky rice.

This area had some old-style Shanghai architecture. (Shanghai is a very young city in China.)