Lantern Festival

This Lantern Festival is in a park near Maggie's apartment. First some daytime shots.

Emperor Yan - the ancestor of Chinese people

Mercy Buddhas

This lantern represents Yun Nan province in south-west China

Elephants made from ceramic cups and bowls.

A close-up.

Tian an men. (A lantern replica - the real one is in Beijing.) Maggie and I sat on the ground here until it got dark.

And then everything lit up and there were fireworks.

These are made out of thousands of little bottles each about an inch long and full of colored water.

A scene is being acted out here. (The blurred characters in front are moving on a track.)

Here are the elephants again.

A lotus fairy

Yan Nan province again at night.

and the Mercy Buddhas

Some closer views from the above lantern:
A Thousand Hands mercy buddha

Mercy buddha sitting in lotus stand

Mercy buddha riding a dragon

Signs of the Chinese Zodiac on a bridge.

Look out! Dinosaur attack!!!

Emperor Yan again

This is the lantern boat that we saw earlier while panda-boating.

This lantern is about a fairy who went to Earth and married a human. When this was discovered she was punished and brought back to heaven and only allowed to visit her husband on Earth once a year.

The king of the heavens

A butterfly fairy

Nine dragons wall