The Bund

The Bund is a waterfront park on the Huangpu river. There are many old European Bank buildings here dating back to times when Shanghai was largely European-occupied. Now it's a great place to stroll and people-watch.

The International Conference Building and the base of the Oriental Pearl TV Tower.

A misty day plus poor focus accidentally gives an impressionist feel to this photo of Maggie.

Another view of the TV tower. It looks like a it could take off any second.

A shot of the park.

It's hard not to get in the way of someone taking a picture here.

The Jin Mao Building - A modern building designed like a Pagoda. The bottom is offices. The top is a Hyatt hotel and a restaurant.

On the opposite side of The Bund there are a lot of old historical buildings but I like these modern Chinese buildings too. They have a lot more character than most modern glass boxes.

Looks like a space ship landed on this one.

Another Bund-area park where Maggie and I rested for awhile.

I mentioned to Maggie that these bricks with raised ovals running along the centers of the sidewalks made walking feel strange. She explained that they were made that way so blind people could tell that they were walking on the sidewalk and not the street!

The Bund at night.

With Maggie

A tour ship, like the one we took, passes by.

The TV Tower


Jin Mao Building.

The Customs House.

The Peace Hotel and the Bank of China.

Maggie on a ship cruising The Bund. (In cold windy weather.) The TV tower is in the background.

And Dave