Song Dynasty Town

This recreation of a Song Dynasty town is in Hangzhou. The Song Dynasty (A.D. 960-1280) was a period of prosperity and rapid technological advance in China. Marco Polo is believed to have visited China during this time and was amazed to see huge cities of over a million people, vast amounts of commerce and busy river and canal traffic. There was nothing comparable in Europe. (Some people believe that he didn't actually visit China because of some of the things that he didn't write about that didn't exist in Europe such as paper money and bank notes.) Other Song Dynasty inventions were: gun powder, cannons, multiple stage rockets, restaurants, tea, noodles and movable-type (printing was invented in China in the 7th century AD.) Many of these inventions caused huge changes when they were introduced to Europe. Cannons, for example, allowed the castles of feudal lords to be attacked by kings which lead to the rise of central governments.

They had a bunch of period scenes and I took a picture and a woman came and told Maggie that we had to pay to take photos.

So we paid and I took another and she said the payment was per photo! So that's why this is the last of these.

Dancing on stilts! Looks tricky!

A colorful shop.

A wanted poster.

Maggie sees that you don't have to travel by foot in the Song Dynasty town.

A play from the Song Dynasty.

The husband Mr.Chen2 (The king's brother in-law) attempted to kill his wife Qing2 xiang1 lian2 and their children for keeping the marriage with the Princess. The Judge Bao1 Zhen3 sentenced him to death, in spite of the Empress's and Princess's instructions of absolving him from guilt. The Judge upheld justice.

Off with his head!


Shops and restaurants.

A farmer's house.

A famous sword.

A postal scale. The Chinese had a postal system more than 2000 years before the USA existed!

The Laughing Buddha's head with a very abstract body!

A view from the top.

Maggie looks out from the top of the Song Dynasty Town and sees... some pretty strange looking things in the distance... Hmm....

Old Chinese Bamboo furniture. While this furniture is representative of the Song Dynasty it is still in use in some places we visited. Maggie's family had this type of furniture when she was a child.

This is a blacksmith. Maggie snuck up behind them to learn a little about black smithing technique sand then turned laughing to tell me that they were cooking their lunch.

Maggie checks out the play schedule and sees...

that another one is imminent...

The story was about the rebellion in Song Dynasty. The play is about to saving the leader of the rebels from the execution ground.

A rebel friend enters under cover.

But is soon exposed.

Much action ensues.

Caught them.

Maybe not...

The exit to Meiguo Land.