Shanghai Zoo

We went to the Zoo because I told Maggie how much my mother liked Pandas. On the way to the pandas we saw many other interesting things and many Chinese people at the zoo saw another interesting thing - ME!

This orangutan was amusing people...

by unscrewing the tops of soda bottles that were thrown at him and drinking the contents. Sounds pretty good but as we walked up to the exhibit, a guy turned, saw me, his mouth dropped open, and then he turned his kids and pointed so they could see something much better than a bottle opening / coke drinking Orangutan! I enjoyed being a temporary celebrity through-out the trip. Maggie said she wished she could get the kind of service that I got in restaurants. Since the waitresses were staring, my teacup would get filled after every sip. No need for me to reach 6 inches to the pot on the table and fill it myself.

The pandas were in a mostly sleeping and eating mood when we were there.

Two of their favorite activities I believe.

and drinking is fun too!

Of course the zoo has other animals. Here are just a few...

Lots of deer...

Rather tame deer. (Or deer with a good understanding of fences.)

Even white ones.

The Zoo had a circus! Here are some well trained little dogs.

He asked for four volunteers from the audience.

Then he arranged four chairs and had the men sit on them. Then he laid them down on each other's laps.

Then he pulled out the chairs one by one until the men were left supporting each other with no chairs at all.

An acrobatics act featuring a 10 year-old girl.

Followed by a horse act.