Intel China Research Center

Chris Genly and I went to ICRC to change our "Ganymede" system to run on ICRC's new speech recognition and text to speech systems. ICRC's systems were still under development and had never had an outside application run with them. Our mission was to integrate three large pieces of software which were still under development in about 3 weeks, designing interfaces as we went. The ICRC software was partly Linux based and partly Windows NT based and witten in C. The Ganymede software was Windows 98 based and was part Java and Part C++ and Active X-based. It was an insane schedule but it meant another trip to China so I signed us up!

Here's Chris (kneeling before the supreme computer) with Wang Yong and Han Jiang trying to debug a problem.

Wang Yong and Han Jiang doing further investigation. At this time there were parts of the system spread around about 8 computers in 4 offices. Data was communicated by an ethernet network and by yelling over the partitions. Han Jiang is waiting for the right second to yell "ready!" to Chris over the partition.

Katherine Chen (Chen Fang) keeps her spirits up despite 18 hour days.

As do Lin Zhiwei, Baosheng Yuan, Wang Yong and Edward Zhang.

Baosheng demonstrates another way to keep his spirits up after many 18 hour days - a brief after-lunch nap.

Lilian Yan and Zhao Jing handing out ICRC sweaters. At one point this was going to be the "uniform".

Out the window, Beijing is under construction. (This building was completely finished before I put this web page up!)