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an interesting hp device, etc.

Posted by Robert Weigel on 11 Aug 2000, 1:39 a.m.

I used to work at University of Oregon, and came across a loading dock toss out. I had to (against the rules I know) save some pieces of this thing just to prove to people it existed! It was some sort of counter with nixie tubes or whatever lighting up numbers on the front panel, and it was full of HP 5963 tubes (which are real close to a 12AU7A). The tubes were mostly in octal socket modules of 4 tubes per module. Each one had the enscription that appeared on the front...."dy". It took me a while. But I finally realized it was HP upside down with the ellipse drawn around it! Anybody got the history behind this? I'd love to hear it. Meanwhile, I just picked up an IMMACULATE HP27 at the local salvation army yesterday with manual/charger! It's too perfect except no batteries of course. Works great though.

A friend named Jeff Forsythe, while I was an aspiring physics student in High School, took his time to build me an HP29C out of junk parts. It was starting to loose a few displays by the time some thoughtful person stole it out of my backpack. Bet they never lived to see what a prize they had acquired. Oh well. I also had a 15C stolen after I left it in a parking lot in my brief case after helping a guy with a porsche push start...the wimp didn't know what gear to put it in...arghhh! I got a more conservative 10C after that which I sold for $100 through this site when I was in need of cash a few years back. Take care, -Bob 406-582-5849


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