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All we have are memories

Posted by Gary D. Snyder (not the poet) on 3 Aug 2005, 7:32 p.m.

I just know I'm going to get flamed for this, but after all is said and done the HP calculators we reminisce over are dead and gone. I've owned a number over the years, starting with an HP-25C (I couldn't afford the classics when they were out) and moving through the years up to the HP-49G+. My sentimental favorite was the HP-15C and was so fantastic that I bought a spare when I started working. That actually proved to be a smart move, as I lost my original during a move. But it's over. HP has killed its own product with unimaginative and undirected product development.

Don't get me wrong. The HP-48GX is (or was) a pretty good calculator (albeit clunky at times) but nothing really special compared to the TI-8x series. The HP-49G+ that I have and greatly respect shows that someone actually did something right, but this was an outsourced product. And does anyone dare throw throw their post-Voyager HP against the wall anymore? Anyone who tries that with my 48 or 49 had better be packing.

Yes, the memories are great, but sadly, that's all that really remains now.


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