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Some fond memories of my CX

Posted by Fred Lennox on 24 Feb 2004, 9:05 p.m.

Hello HP fans! My fondest memory of my CX was just before a math exam when my friend Peter wanted to use my calculator to work through a question. Before giving it to him I assigned a little program to the operations key that he would be using. The program that I assigned had a nasty little message and a few tones. It made him laugh. In the exam, I had forgotten about the little program assigned to the operations key. My instructor was walking around the room watching the students write the exam. He was walking up my row from behind me. Just as he got over my right shoulder, I touched the operations key by mistake and before I could shut off my calculator. You guessed it! Beep! Tone! Beep! Tone! Nasty little message. My instructor said rather impatiently, "Fred see me after class!" Another time, I had learned in math class that if you multiply by the reciprocal or divide by the number the result would be the same. With this new knowledge I programmed my CX. In another exam I was stuck for a formula. Remembering that I had the formula in my calculator I decided to look it up. Unfortunately I had used the reciprocal in the formula and although I got the right answer for the problem, I was unable to show my work. When I handed in my paper, I asked my instructor about that formula and he asked me how I came up with the answer. So I pulled out my trusted CX and ran the program. I said, "See" and walked out of the class. Needless to say, I didn't receive marks for that question.

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