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True Love Never Dies

Posted by Erich Neubacher on 2 Sept 2003, 5:05 p.m.

Hi Folks,

this is my story. [ thx to Ray for the good idea ]

I got my diploma on Informatique Science in 1977. I ever only worked with machines they called “mainframes” ( like IBM /370 or TR440 ) those days.

But – as you can imagine - I never owned such a device. When I got my first job in 1977, I was looking for a computing system to be used by myself at home. It was 1982, the advent of the machines of Sir Sinclair, when I learned that the prices of these devices came down to the zones of mortal men. And I decided to buy a personal computer system. But I distrust the keyboard of this Sinclair-machines. Nevertheless I was so eager to get my personal computing machine. So I looked in a local newspaper and called a student, who was selling his HP-41C. Strange enough, I never heard of such a machine until this very day. At first I don’t want to buy this thing, because it looks somewhat ridiculous compared to the machines I know. But the HP-41C selling student reduces the price and mentioned his poor situation and because I of my weak heart, I bought this little item.

In the following weeks I fell in love with this little machine, because I recognized the full power of the system. In this very moment I was lost to HP-Calculators [ of the Old Style]. The first 41C was exchanged against an 41CX with CCD-Module, 2 X-Mem, CardReader, Printer and Wand. My dream was to design a “little OS” by myself to make the work with the 41C somewhat easier.

But then there came the time of PC’s and I decided to give away my good old HP41 and I lost my HP-Calc-Love. I sold my whole 41-system to an engineer. I don’t know why, but when it comes to my HP41 I wrote down all names and adresses with dates and prices ( an important and good thing as it turns out some lines later ).

And now, when I got my second spring ( as we say in german when you get over 50 years old ), my old HP-Calc-Love came into my mind. True love never dies. After 15 years (!!) I phoned the engineer, who bought my system, and asked for the HP41CX-system. He don’t worked anymore and had no need for the machine. He was willing to sell back the whole system nearly for nothing.

So I’m on the old HP-way again. I recognized the HP-scene in the web and “lost” some money with-ebay-deals, just because to own some important modules and HP-Calcs by myself.

There is something around this HP41, which gives it a miraculous touch. I will spend some energy of mine to explore this secret.

I’m very glad to be with you.

(h)appy (p)rogramming…….Erich N.


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