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Another memory from me: HP48G.

Posted by HPhreacker on 23 June 2002, 10:06 p.m.

When I played with the 48, i didn't had a real computer, so I considered it as a "real computer". The 32KB memory was VERY BIG for me. When I got my real computer(a Pentium MMX-266, Windows 95) I was missing my 48, and no Excel/1-2-3 program can suppress the fault. Now that I am running Windows on the SAME computer, I have the 38G/39G/40G/48SX/48GX/49G emulator and many math/calculus programs(free and comercial), like Mathematica and Scilab. The things the HP needed built-in were a block diagram editor(this is why I use Scilab ;) and more special functions.

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