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Message Index Display Configuration

Use the form below to search for messages which include certain keywords or which were posted at a particular time or by a particular individual, and/or to select the manner in which you wish the messages in the index to be displayed.

List messages

A chronological display will put the newest messages at the top of the list. A standard threaded display will put the newest messages at the bottom. A reversed threaded display will show messages in a mixed order: 'First' messages will be arranged with the newest at the top, but responses will be arranged with the newest at the bottom. This is the default index style of many Web-based bulletin boards, and is the style with which many users are most familiar. A compressed listing will show on the main index page only the first message of each thread.) A compressed listing and/or Setting "Posted within the last" to "Two Days" or "Four Days" is useful for people with slow Internet connections.

Display messages

When a message is selected in the index, if "Individually" is selected, a page containing only that message, a thread overview, and navigation features is displayed. When "Grouped into threads" is selected, all messages in the thread are displayed on a single web page. "Grouped into threads, indented" uses indentation to show the thread structure. "Grouped into threads, flush left" omits the indention and is mainly intended for small devices such as PDAs.

List only those messages:

Posted within the last

(Options above this line are "sticky" if your browser accepts cookies. Options below are for the next view of the index only.)

Posted between and


All messages within the specified date range

Only messages containing of the following keywords:

Only messages posted by:

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