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Full Name (family, given): Harper, Christof
Location: Davis, CA USA
Entered: 15 Sept 2002, 1:42 p.m.

Oh, I'm a latecome to things HP.

I started out in the beginning of the 80s with a TRS-80 Color Computer for a desktop (still runs), and my first handheld was a PC-1. I have had a love affair with handheld devices ever since. I've either got, or have owned, most of the sharps up through the early Wizards. (I now use a jornada 720 for a PDA, and while it's nice, windows CE was a bad move overall.)

I first ran into HP in the Navy in 1990, where one aircrewman had an HP that he used. - I think it was a 41, I know it wasn't a pioneer.

The first HP I owned was a 200LX which disappeared after a while. It was probably not stolen, just misplaced while I was floating around mediterranean airbases.

I've worked with computers most of the time since 1995, and now I've decided to go back into college to work on changing careers (again). With algebra, trig, calculus, chemistry, biology, geology, and statistics piling up around me, I've discovered a real use-based adoration for things HP.

I daily carry around and use 32SII, 48SX, and 42S. They all have strengths, though I'd probably not use the 42 much if the 32SII had 8K of ram.

I've recently managed to acquire a 41CV and may just end up reversing the "progress trend" and using that at school. I think a 42S or 48SX will probably go with me most of the time on digs.


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