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R->P & P->R for the 35s

Posted by Paul Dale on 21 Jan 2010, 5:22 a.m.

The 35s lacks polar to rectangular conversions. These two programs address this short coming.

P001  LBL P
P002  FS? 10
P003  GTO P011
P004: Rv
P005  Rv
P006  eqn REGZ+i*REGT
P007  ARG
P008  LASTx
P009  ABS
P010  RTN
P011: CF 10
P012  XEQ P004
P013  SF 10
P014  RTN

R001 LBL R R002 FS? 10 R003 GTO R012 R004: Rv R005 Rv R006 eqn [REGZ*SIN(REGT),REGZ*COS(REGT)] R007 [1,0] R008 x<>y R009 * R010 eqn LASTx*[0,1] R011 RTN R012: CF 10 R013 XEQ R004 R014 SF 10 R015 RTN

- Pauli


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