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The MoHPC 9114 Repair Manual

Posted by PeterP on 26 Apr 2008, 8:37 p.m.

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The article at the above link is a write-up of the collective wisdom that I found in the archives when I was repairing my 9114 (under the wonderful tutelage of Tony Duell). It also includes some links to important information on the net with regards to the 9114 disk drives, like datasheets, where to buy replacement batteries, etc.

It is an attempt to combine the large amount of knowledge with regards to the repair of those disk-drives in one convenient location.

The order of information presented tries to follow the frequency of particular questions asked as well as the usual step by step test procedure the people knowledgeable about the 9114 suggest.

The appendix was supposed to contain the full document from Tony Duell with pictures on how to clean the 9114. Unfortunately Tony’s article is too big (4mb) so it is not included for now. I am looking for ways to include it and when I find a way I will amend this document)

While there are numerous consistent providers of advice on the 9114 and I have tried to mention them at the end of this document, I ask for forgiveness if I have overlooked to give credit to certain people. It is solely due to my own limitations.

Also, while I provided some close-up pictures, no real knowledge provided in this document is from myself. Yet as I am a beneficiary of the information provided by others I want to find some way to give back something useful as well.


•	How to find all threads with regards to the 9114 on the MoHPC website
•	Commands to test/use the 9114
•	The battery pack
•	Replace the battery pack
•	Open the battery pack
•	Make a direct power supply for the 9114
•	The micro-fuse of the battery pack
•	Schematics for the charger
•	What floppy disks to use with the 9114
•	How to open the 9114
•	Repairing the  eject mechanism
•	Replacing the drive
•	Repairing/realigning the drive head
•	Pictures of head & drive
•	Testing of the controller board
•	Schematics of the controller board
•	Main contributors
•	Tony Duell’s article on cleaning the eject mechanism of the 9114

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