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HP-67 automatic documenting program for Excel

Posted by John H. Meyer on 10 Sept 2000, 4:54 p.m.

This is an HP-67 automatic documenting spreadsheet which you may download and run in Excel. It has macros in it so depending on how you have Excel configured you may get a warning about opening spreadsheets that contain macros.

The idea of the spreadsheet is that you can go to the first step of a program and merely type the codes that you see in the display (no spaces needed between pairs of numbers). You press enter, and the program automatically generates a listing. When you are finished, you can add comments in the columns to the right of the listing. Even programs that take up the entire memory take only a few minutes to document.

It would be trivial to adapt the program to work with other HP calculators by simply changing the code in the "Code_Table" worksheet.


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