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Posted by Doug Wilder on 5 Nov 2005, 2:19 a.m.

A More Usefull MOVE

C = bbbbeeeedddd begining ending destination

The word at bbbb is always moved to dddd, all fields are arbitrary. One can grab the bottom word and move the block by pulling the bottom to dddd. That is, bbbb > eeee or eeee > bbbb is allowed. Keeping it general requires considering four cases. Laying them out with higher address on top (arrows indicate first move required):

1 2 3 4

b>e + d>b b>e + b>d e>b + d>b e>b + b>d

->dddd bbbb ->aaaa eeee xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx bbbb-> xxxx xxxx dddd eeee-> xxxx xxxx aaaa xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx aaaa eeee-> xxxx xxxx dddd bbbb-> xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx eeee ->aaaa bbbb ->dddd

Notice that an upward move requires a decrementing counter, and a downward move requires an incrementing counter.

C = bbbbeeeedddd begining ending destination

92C2 0E 00E A=0 ! initialize and test 92C3 1E 02E B=0 92C4 70 0E0 SLCTQ 92C5 AS 15C PT= 6 92C6 50 0A0 SLCTP 92C7 0S 01C PT= 3 92C8 DS 1BC RCR 11 92C9 5I 0B2 A<>C PQ dddd -> A(M) 92CA PS 33C RCR 1 92CB N6 2E6 ?C#0 X op input too many digits ? 92CC 37 067 JC +0C 92CD LS 2BC RCR 7 92CE 7I 0F2 B<>C PQ bbbb -> B(M) 92CF 7S 0FC RCR 10 92D0 AO 158 STOM eeee -> M(M) 92D1 GQ 21A RC+A M C = dddd+eeee 92D2 5E 0AE A<>C 92D3 CQ 19A A=A-B M 92D4 17 027 JC +04 trying to write below 0000 ? 92D5 5E 0AE A<>C C = aaaa = dddd+eeee-bbbb 92D6 KS 29C PT= 7 92D7 J2 262 DECC PT trying to write above FFFF ? 92D8 5L 0B5 92D9 52 0A2 GONC 282D "ERRDE" 92DA H2 222 INCC PT 92DB EO 1D8 C<>M 92DC 3E 06E A<>B

at this point for both upmove and dnmove entry: C(M) = eeee C(M) = ssss = source (eeee or bbbb) B(M) = dddd B(M) = rrrr = receiver (dddd or aaaa) A(M) = bbbb A(M) = tttt = terminis (bbbb or eeee) M(M) = aaaa

92DD OQ 31A ?A<C M ?e>b 92DE 1F 02F JC +05 "e>b" b>e 92DF PQ 33A ?A<B M ?d>b 92E0 2R 05B JNC +0B "b>e+b>d" 1 b>e+d>b 92E1 5E 0AE A<>C 92E2 5J 0B3 JNC +16 "upmove" e>b 92E3 PQ 33A ?A<B M ?d>b 92E4 1B 02B JNC +05 "e>b+b>d" 3 e>b+d>b 92E5 EO 1D8 C<>M 92E6 7E 0EE B<>C 92E7 EO 1D8 C<>M 92E8 43 083 JNC +10 "upmove" 4 e>b+b>d 92E9 5E 0AE A<>C 92EA 13 023 JNC +04 "dnmove" 2 b>e+b>d 92EB EO 1D8 C<>M 92EC 7E 0EE B<>C 92ED EO 1D8 C<>M dnmove 92EE PG 330 FETCH <- 92EF 7Q 0FA B<>C M 92F0 20 040 WROM 92F1 HQ 23A INCC M 92F2 7Q 0FA B<>C M 92F3 HQ 23A INCC M 92F4 OQ 31A ?A<C M 92F5 UB 3CB JNC -07 -> 92F6 V0 3E0 RTN 92F7 JQ 27A DECC M <- upmove 92F8 PG 330 FETCH 92F9 7Q 0FA B<>C M 92FA 20 040 WROM 92FB JQ 27A DECC M 92FC 7Q 0FA B<>C M 92FD RQ 37A ?A#C M 92FE UF 3CF JC -07 -> 92FF V0 3E0 RTN


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