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HP-like RPN Java calculator for mobile phones

Posted by Roar Lauritzsen on 27 Feb 2004, 4:16 a.m.

I was frustrated by the simplistic built-in calculators on most mobile phones, but I realized that the power was in my own hands when I got myself a Java programmable phone, so I set about to make a scientific RPN calculator appliaction.

After much hard work in my spare time, I'm reasonably pleased with the result, and apparently many users are enthusiastic about it. One of them wrote the following to me in an e-mail: "tears almost welled in my eyes out of sheer joy and excitement. I played with the calculator until around 2am in the night".

Well, it may not be that good, but you can take a look here:

(Be patient, is hosted with only 128 kbps upload capacity, and the quality-of-service of my ISP is terrible, so if you cannot connect, try again in 1/2 hour)

Best regards,
Roar Lauritzsen


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