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Creating HP41 Double X-Memory Modules

Posted by Christoph Klug on 3 Mar 2003, 5:55 a.m.

Dear HP41 enthusiasts,

follow the link and you will find a detailed description about creating your own Double X-memory modules for HP41.

The paper is identical to Chapter XII from the 300 page I/O-Board manual. If you want to learn more about hardware interfacing and about advanced measurement applications with the powerfully HP41 and HP-IL system, read the complete book and the new 150 page IL2000 System manual. Also you find additional information about burning Zeprom Modules and creating an extern interrupt circuit for HP41 (activating HP41 by external event).

Both books continues the basic work of Gary Friedman “Control the world with HP-IL”. Gary Friedman and other well known handheld computer authors add some prefaces to the IL2000 System manual.

Best wishes from Germany – Christoph Klug


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