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HP 15 LE: Errata list for Owner's Handbook

Posted by Felix Gross on 10 Oct 2011, 3:03 a.m.

Here is a list of errors I saw reported in the Forum or I found otherwise. The first source known to me is indicated. Thanks to all eagle-eyed proof readers.

As a non-native English speaker I am probably not the right person to decide on style, so mere suggestions on improving the style of the LE Manual are not included.

Please continue to report errors. I will update the list regularly.

Please note that there is an updated Sep 2011 Edition 2.4 to the printed Owner’s Handbook on HP’s calculator site.

1. Page 20: Note: Decimal digits from the mantissa that spill into the exponent field will disappear from the display when you press ", but will be retained internally. The stray quotation marks are the problem. An EEX should be inserted instead of the stray quotation mark. (Marcus von Cube)

2. Page 22: Paragraph under the section headline “Two-Number Functions and ENTER”: In the last sentence there should be a comma before the “and”. (Rich Messeder)

3. Page 23: Last equation is in the wrong typeface. (Felix Gross)

4. Page 34: Last line in the last paragraph. It should be one Roll-up and one Roll-down, not two Roll-ups. The figure under the paragraph is correct. (Georg Becker)

5. On page 35, bottom of the page, the [+] should be a [÷] in two instances. (troy)

6. Page 41: Third paragraph: “If the variables change (as in the preceding example), be sure and clear the display before entering the new variable” should most likely be “If the variables change (as in the preceding example), be sure to clear the display before entering the new variable. The LE Manual is the same as the original Manual (Rich Messeder)

7. On page 42 of the second sentence of the first paragraph reads in part Quote: ... (see the diagram of the registers on the inside back cover). There is no register diagram on the inside back cover. (Howard Owen)

8. Page 53, second paragraph: The punctuation around the x and y is inconsistent as in the original. (Rich Messeder)

9. Page 57, second paragraph: In the symbol set following “Polar vector coordinates must be converted to rectangular coordinates upon entry” there should be a comma after the “r”. This is also missing in the original manual. (Rich Messeder)

10. Page 57, second paragraph, sixth line: the hyphen is really a minus sign of the number “200”. (Rich Messeder)

11. Page 61, changing the decimal separator from a period to a comma the example shows: 12.345.6700 instead of the correct format: 12.345,6700. (Michael de Estrada)

12. Page 62: If the calculator is turned off, Continuous Memory will be preserved for a short period while the batteries are removed. Data and programs are preserved longer than other aspects of calculator status. Refer to appendix F for instructions on changing batteries.

I doubt these facts are true. If you remove both batteries the memory will be cleared. There is no technical reason why the status and data should have a different retention behavior. This was the case when data memory and status were stored in different physical chips on the original hardware but on the Atmel it's all in one chip. (Marcus von Cube)

13. On page 74, last paragraph: It should be "(1,2,...,9,0 from ..." instead of "(1,2,9,0 from ..". (Georg Becker)

14. On page 75 of the printed version: Calculator picture: The highlighted ('TAN') key not too obvious (This is in color in the pdf file). (Thomas Chrapkiewicz)

15. On page 78, second paragraph from the bottom: There should be a "," between the Arrow keystroke and the ON keystroke (Georg Becker)

16. On pages 93, 94: The correct form of the unit Curie is “Ci”. Therefore, it should be “mCi” instead of mci. The original manual has mci as well. (Rich Messeder)

17. Page 104: First letter on page should be bold as well. (Michael Kussmaul)

18. Page 105, second last paragraph: There is a spurious character the GSB key. (Rich Messeder)

19. Page 109, at the bottom: Should be "increment or decrement" instead of "of". (Marcus von Cube)

20. Page 110 Top of Page: Arrows/parentheses not aligned properly on nnnnn.xxxyy. Same in .pdf copy. (Thomas Chrapkiewicz)

21. Page 114: In the example the first key stroke sequence runs into the second line. (Rich Messeder)

22. Page 116, footnote: “Refer to pages 58-59” instead of “Refer to page 58-59”. (Rich Messeder)

23. On page 124, under Manipulating the Real and Imaginary Stacks, "...twice restore a number to..." should be " restore a number to..." (Mike Morrow)

24. Page 131, last paragraph: "The x<>y function. for instance," should be "The x<>y function, for instance," (Rich Messeder)

25. Page 133, last line of the footnote: the comma is spurious. (Rich Messeder)

26. Page 135, first paragraph: "express the result in polar form, (In phasor form," should be "express the result in polar form. (In phasor form," Also, the angle mark in this sentence is misaligned between the 2 and 65°. (Rich Messeder)

27. Page 139: 2 ENTER 1 f DIM B: B is on new line, in original manual, all is on one line. (Michael Kussmaul)

28. Page 140: f MATRIX 0: there are missing spaces before and after the MATRIX key (anyway spacing is not consistent across document). (Michael Kussmaul)

29. Page 148, first footnote: "(possibly with same rows" should be "(possibly with some rows" (Rich Messeder)

30. Page 150: “The Frobenius of Euclidean norm" should be (2 places) "The Frobenius, or Euclidean norm, ". (Rich Messeder)

31. Page 153, second paragraph: The “or” should not be in italics. (Rich Messeder)

32. Page 160: "You don’t need to activate Complex mode for calculations with complex matrices." The whole sentence should be in italics. (Rich Messeder)

33. Page 170: 4 ENTER 1 f DIM B: B is on new line, in original manual, all is on one line. (Michael Kussmaul)

34. Page 171: In the equation a space is missing before the “i”. (Rich Messeder)

35. Page 173: In the right set of keystrokes, the DIV key is in the wrong line. (Rich Messeder)

36. Page 174, fourth paragraph. After “register” should be a full stop not a comma. (Rich Messeder)

37. Page 176: The colon after the Matrix D should not be in bold. (Rich Messeder)

38. Page 178: In “Forbenius or Eucliedean…” there should be a comma before the “or”. The mistake is also in the original. (Rich Messeder)

39. Page 178: In the entry for f MATRIX 9 there should be a full stop after the word “register” not a comma. (Rich Messeder)

40. Page 184: There is a stray “r” near the graph for f(x). (Rich Messeder)

41. Page 186: There is a stray “G” next to the graph second graph. (Felix Gross)

42. Page 186: In the first equation the period should be removed. (Rich Messeder)

43. Page 197, paragraph before the example, second last line: There should be no comma after the x. (Rich Messeder)

44. Page 208: The + or - on the first line is not aligned with text below. (Rich Messeder)

45. Page 208: Under MATRIX 5, double bullets. (Rich Messeder)

46. Page 216: 19 f DIM (i): (i) is on new line, in original manual, all is on one line. (Michael Kussmaul)

47. Page 231: In the code, e^(-|x|) is not on the line containing "004– 12". Lines 007 and 011 are similarly misaligned. (Rich Messeder)

48. Page 239, fourth paragraph: "more accurately than is justify by the problem" > "more accurately than is justified by the problem". (Rich Messeder)

49. Page 247, fourth paragraph "Similarly, if a function value is display" > p247: "Similarly, if a function value is displayed". (Rich Messeder)

50. Page 248, second last line: after “strange” should be a full stop instead of a comma. (Rich Messeder)

51. Page 251, last paragraph, third line: There should be a comma after the “since”. (Rich Messeder)

52. Page 252, last paragraph: "Functions that could lead to incorrect results can be identified in simple terms by how rapidly it and its low-order derivatives”. “Functions” disagrees in number with “it”. Already present in the original version. (Rich Messeder)

53. Page 259: Under Low-Power Indication: "A battery symbol(*) shown in the upper-left corner of the display[..]" - Should be lower-left corner. (Didier Lachieze)

54. Page 261, describing the self-tests that don't actually work. The footnote indicates that the ON + Divide keyboard test should display a 12 when finished, not a 15. (Lincoln R.). This error has already been corrected in Edition 2.4 (Sep. 2011).

55. Page 262: No blank line before I-Key description. (Michael Kussmaul)

56. Page 269: MEM section is written twice (repeatedly). (Michael Kussmaul)

57. Index Entry on Page 275 for „Hyberbolic functions“ should start on a new line. (Jurrie Lulofs)

Especially in Complex-Matrix-Section there are some super-scripts (like Tilde) misaligned. (Michael Kussmaul)

Most i in Matrices are overlapping with text (e.g. page 169, example or 171 in the middle of page). (Michael Kussmaul)

Edited: 25 Aug 2012, 2:07 p.m.


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